Saturday, February 26, 2011


- we drove to the city to pick up my new (to me) stroller, yet another one of my Craigslist finds.
- we decided to stop at Ikea and have meatballs for lunch with the boys.
- we played in the kids section, and dreamed of a new kitchen - okay, seriously, how many hours do we spend in the kitchen in one day?!  It should be beautiful or at least a lot more functional!
- I took a stroll around the neighbourhood in the snow.  The dog was thrilled and my little man laughed at the snowflakes.
- I ran into a friend out in the snow.
- I thought way too much about things I should just forget about.
- I wondered how I could turn all my Craigslist adventures into a story of some sorts or maybe a screenplay?  I have met such interesting people!
- I kissed my children a million times.  (give or take a few)
- I relaxed and had a good day.

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