Saturday, February 26, 2011


- we drove to the city to pick up my new (to me) stroller, yet another one of my Craigslist finds.
- we decided to stop at Ikea and have meatballs for lunch with the boys.
- we played in the kids section, and dreamed of a new kitchen - okay, seriously, how many hours do we spend in the kitchen in one day?!  It should be beautiful or at least a lot more functional!
- I took a stroll around the neighbourhood in the snow.  The dog was thrilled and my little man laughed at the snowflakes.
- I ran into a friend out in the snow.
- I thought way too much about things I should just forget about.
- I wondered how I could turn all my Craigslist adventures into a story of some sorts or maybe a screenplay?  I have met such interesting people!
- I kissed my children a million times.  (give or take a few)
- I relaxed and had a good day.

Friday, February 25, 2011

happiness is...

  • laying in the sunshine today (on my dining room floor)
  • having a very trying morning with my two year old - and then realizing that hey, he's only two.  I found this article online and it helped changed my view today.  Sometimes I really need to hear that I'm not the only going through the hard times.  Even though logically we know we're not alone, I still need to hear it!
  • having a nice man tell me I was a brave woman today (for taking my challenging toddler to the grocery store.  I told him 'twas not bravery:  we just needed to eat!)
  • A funny quote on happiness:  Happiness is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth.   From project happiness facebook page.
  • Some dreamy photographs on this blog.
  • more photos:  journalling baby's size in utero - such a great idea (and fab wardrobe btw)
  • ten minutes of absolute silence in my house needed to type this! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happiness is...

  • an impromptu visit to the Vancouver Aquarium yesterday with my boys
  • sharing a hot-dog and watching the beluga whales at lunch-time
  • chocolate chip banana muffins
  • trying a new recipe tonight - African pineapple peanut stew, from the Moosewood At Home Cookbook.  (will be serving over couscous)
  • Jamie's Food Revolution  (I love this man - and on an aside note:  I love the names of his kiddies too!)
  • meeting a fresh baby last night!
  • sleeping in deliciously late this morning (almost 9am!  a serious luxury around these parts)
  • getting a chance to watch Dear Genevieve last night and dreaming of her making over our kitchen!! 
  • walking to the mailbox with my boys and finding this dress from Anthropologie waiting for me!!!  Bonus:  it fits really well and I love it!!  I can see me getting a ton of wear out of it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

happiness is...

  • finding $10 in my baby ergo carrier
  • eating Hershey's kisses with caramel inside
  • my friends bringing home their new baby girl today (and announcing her name finally)
  • big toothy baby grins and giggles from my little man
  • finding out another friend is expecting *
  • building my son his very own mouse house this weekend - inspired by Dear Genevieve.  You can see photos of her design here.  (I'll post photos of our version once it is completed.)
  • big fluffy snowflakes falling ever so gently
  • the promise of sunshine tomorrow
  • planning a quick drive to the city tomorrow
  • finding time to work on a new knitting project (play-pants for my little man) 

* (feeling totally baby crazy here today - and loving it)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Checking in

We had a small reprieve from the rain the other day and a glorious sunset I just had to share.  Today we are back to the soggy weather again!

Keeping me going on a rainy day:

Hanging out with my boys
Making a batch of rice crispie squares (and eating them too...)
this dress and this dress from Anthro website (so cheery and sunny!!)
dreaming of taking a road-trip to the Oregon coast
homemade aloo gobi for dinner tonight!