Tuesday, August 10, 2010

august ten

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This photo makes me laugh every time I see it - I love how he wants to be such a big boy and his obsession with tools and things that go "bbrrrooom" (including his Papa's lawnmower).  He turned two just over two weeks ago and I find myself wondering where the time has gone.

Other wonderful things about our little man that make the "terrible twos" so worth it:
  • he loves to dance - whether or not he hears music.  My favourite dance is what I call the "yum-yum dance", which is especially reserved for when he is eating something particularly delicious.
  • he is such a cuddly, loving boy.  He loves giving hugs and kisses to everyone.  He even blows kisses goodbye to the grocery store check-out lady.  Of course he saves his most loving hugs and kisses for his baby brother.
  • he has bead-head every morning without fail!  
  • love how he takes people by the hand and leads them to where he wants to go - doesn't matter if he's known them forever or if he has just met them.
  • his enthusiasm for everything he attempts and how he can see the humour in every situation.  (definitely something I can learn from)
  • his fat little feet and his kissable toes, his very long eyelashes and his dimples when he smiles.
  • he is incredibly observant - a trait he most certainly inherited from his dad.
  • he is very persistent in getting what he wants, though I'm sure this has something to do with those "terrible twos".  It is still an admirable trait.
  • his insatiable hunger for reading story books.  (something he got from his mom ;-)
  • how he came into our lives and changed everything for the better - and continues to do so on a daily basis.

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